Taste of Home Casserole Cookbook


  • Many of the meal-in-one dishes gracing these pages are freezer friendly, can easily be assembled ahead of time and can be made using ingredients already on hand.
  • All-American casseroles are as beloved as ever because they’re so versatile and satisfying.


100 recipes to choose from, this truly is The Taste of Home Casserole Cookbook .

No wonder casseroles are the most popular comfort food around! Not only are they delicious, their convenience in the kitchen is unmatched. Plus, cleanup is a snap because you don’t use every pot and pan in the kitchen…and the leftovers taste great!

Whether you need a robust dinner, breakfast meal or side dish, you won’t have any trouble finding a recipe to suit your needs. You’ll relish hundreds of user-friendly hot dish recipes perfect for brunch buffets, potlucks, family gatherings, church suppers, holiday events or easy-to-assemble weekday dinners.